Installation Instructions

A. Installation Guide 1-Phillips Screwdriver
(Template) 1-Punch or Nail
B. TOT-LOK Assembly 1-Power Drill
(w/Plunger) 1-7mm or 9/32" Drill Bit
C. TOT-LOK Key 1-1/16" Drill Bit (optional for drilling pilot
D. Striking Plate holes) for screws
E. Screws: #4 x 1/2" Pan  
Head Phillips  
F. Drill Depth Gauge  
G. Extension Slug  
H. Unlocking Bar  
  Overlapping Door (Normal Thickness)
Cut A Way:   This magnetic lock & key assembly is specifically designed for
Tot-Lok Key opens installed   5/8" - 1 1/16" thick door and drawer fronts. Due to some
Tot-Lok with normal thickness door drawer construction being double thickness, the extension slug
          might be required. (See Chart Below)
          The red unlocking bar will enable you to disengage the lock for
          extended periods. Always be sure to reactivate the lock by
          pushing the bar down again. Install red unlocking bar in hole
          on one side with unlock letters up, then straddle the housing
          and pop in the opposite side. The bar is not meant to be over
    THICKNESS     (reference to figure 1)      
    1/2" - 5/8"   Omit plunger and extension slug        
    5/8" - 1 1/8"     Omit extension slug        
    1 1/8" 1 9/16"     Use all components        

Step by Step:

1. 2.

Peel narrow backing paper strip from the installation guide's "LOCKSCREWS" side. Position guide as shown and use punch to mark striking plate hole location (2 arrows). Now peel backing paper from foam tape (small arrow).

Close door firmly on foam tape. This will transfer guide to exact location on inside of door (or drawer). Open door, hold guide down, and mark 4 screw locations for lock installation (4 arrows).

3. 4.

Measure door thickness, then subtract 3/16". Position drill depth gauge on bit and move it the required distance from the tip so the hole drilled will be within 3/16" of cabinet door front. Drill into "7MM HOLE" location on guide. Use CAUTION and DO NOT DRILL THROUGH DOOR. It is important that the hole you drill is within 3/16" of the front of the door. Hole must also be clean and free of debris.

Match striking plate over 2 locations marked during Step 1. Use screws and install loosely so slot adjustment can be made later. Match TOT-LOK Assembly into 7mm holes (install Plunger/Slug if necessary), align over 4 marks (from Step 2) and screw in place with four 1/2" screws. A pair of auxiliary holes are provided for variations in door panels. Assure proper function prior to closing. Note proper position of striking plate and screw it down tight.